• March, 1989
    Graduated from Kanagawa Prefectural Kibogaoka Senior High School
  • March, 1994
    Graduated from Waseda University, School of Political Science and Economics
  • October, 1998
    Passed National Law Examination in Japan
  • July, 1999
    Participated the summer program on American Law held by Wisconsin Law School (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)
  • April, 2000
    Legal Training and Research Institute of Japan
  • October, 2001
    Worked for Matsuo & Kosugi
  • July, 2003
    Participated in the summer program on American Law held by Columbia Law School and University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherland)
  • August, 2003
    Visiting Attorney at a private law firm in Seattle, Washington, USA
  • January, 2005
    Worked for Oh-ebashi LPC & Partners
  • October, 2005
    Worked as a partner at B.D.J. Law and Accounting Office
  • June, 2006
    Established Kato & Partners as a partner
  • August, 2008
    Established VASCO DA GAMA OFFICES as a partner

Practice Areas

  • Entertainment Law, Sport Law
  • Media Law
  • Corporate Law, M&A, Security Law
  • Administrative Matters (including Medical Law, Pharmacy Law, School Education Law, Agricultural Land Law)
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Environmental Law, Natural Resources and Energy and, Air Law
  • Labor Law
  • Bankruptcy, Corporate Reorganization Matters
  • Litigation
  • Criminal Matters

Titles and Memberships

  • Director of incorporated educational institution of TOKYO MAX GAKUEN
  • Audit & Supervisory Board Member of TENRYU HOLDINGS CO.,LTD
  • Senator of Tokyo Bar Association (2007)
  • Member of Tokyo Bar Association Special Committee on Anti-Racketeering (2002~2005)