• March, 1989
    Graduated from Fuji Senior High School of Shizuoka Prefecture
  • March, 1994
    Graduated from Faculty of Law, Nagoya University
  • April, 1998
    Admitted in Japan (member of Tokyo Bar Association) Commenced Legal Practice at Matsuo & Kosugi (until July, 2002)
  • July, 1999
    Participated the summer program on American Law held by Columbia Law School and University of Amsterdam, Holland
  • March, 2001
    Worked for “Bae, Kim & Lee” in Seoul, Korea (for 1 year)
  • March, 2002
    Worked for “Kim and Chang” in Seoul, Korea (for 5 months)
  • August, 2002
    Established B.D.J. Law and Accounting Office as a Partner (Worked until September, 2005)
  • October, 2005
    Worked for Twenty First City Inc. (a Japanese creative agency and motion-picture production company) in charge of general affairs, corporate legal matters and copy rights
  • June, 2006
    Established Kato & Partners as a partner
  • August, 2008
    Established VASCO DA GAMA OFFICES as a partner

Practice Areas

  • Korea Law Practices
    • Contract negotiation, documentation and handling of disputes regarding Korean entertainment contents
    • Legal matters regarding subsidiaries/branches in Japan of Korean companies
    • Procedural attorney in Japan for Korean companies and their subsidiaries/branches
  • Entertainment Law
  • Media Law
  • Sport Law
  • Finance Law
  • International Law
    • Contract negotiation and documentation of co-production agreements and license agreements on Japanese contents (including Japanese animation)
    • Procedural attorney in Japan for foreign clients
  • Corporate Law
  • Litigations

Titles and Memberships

  • Member of Korea Entertainment Law Society
  • Agreement with Law School of ChungAn University in Korea regarding International Cooperation (August 1, 2009)
  • External Auditor of KNTV Co., Ltd.
  • Members of Japanese Entertainment Lawyers Network
  • Member of The Copyright Law Association of Japan


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  • The Primer Regarding Laws of Dream Science” (Co-Supervised, Published by Media Factory, Inc. in February 2011)
  • “IFTA Arbitration Award Entertainment Booklet” (published by Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA), January, 2008)
  • “Study for plagiarism criteria and plagiarism protection measures - mainly about in movies and music -” (published by Korea Entertainment Law Association, Plagiarism Research Team, December, 2007)
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