Vasco da Gama Law Offices is a legal and accounting firm based in Tokyo, Japan and was originally established by seven lawyers and accountants in August 2008.

VASCO DA GAMA was a famous Portuguese voyager who flourished from the end of 15th century to the beginning of 16th century. In July 1497, he set off from Lisbon in a ship named “Sao Gabriel” by order of The Portuguese King Manuel I. In November of the same year, he came over South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope, and went on to reach Calicut in south-western India. It is widely believed that he was the first European person who discovered the sea route to India. Our founders named the office after him, because we aim to create an office which is constantly challenging new and unknown areas of practice with great inquiring mind, in the same way as GAMA did with his great courage and challenging spirit to find hope (Good Hope).

Three key words - “specialization” “internationalization” and “one-stop service”- are central to our mission in supporting our clients in this complex and ever-changing 21st century. The rapid advancements in technology and international communication have created an increasingly complex and global business environment in which highly specialized skills, knowledge and experience, both on a domestic and international level, are prerequisites for success. We aim to provide our clients with services which truly meet their needs by specializing in certain practice areas such as entertainment, sports, media, internet, startup / venture, cross border support, intellectual property / license, corporate (including M&A) and finance, and by accumulating the latest knowledge and know-how in these areas both at home and abroad. Further, in order to support our clients’ businesses effectively and efficiently, we work closely together and maintain close relationships with other business professionals such as certified public accountants and judicial scriveners, as well as reputable and experienced lawyers from other regions such as the US, EU and South-East Asia, in order to provide our clients with a real one-stop service.