• March, 2010
    Graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Law
  • March, 2012
    Graduated from Keio University, School of Law
  • November, 2013
    The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan
  • December, 2014
    Admitted in Japan (Tokyo Bar Association)
  • December, 2014
  • March, 2017
    Joined VASCO DA GAMA OFFICES as an associate

Practice Areas

  • Entertainment Law
  • Media Law
  • Sports Law
  • License Law
  • Internet Law
  • Labor Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Civil law
  • Litigation and other dispute resolutions

Titles and Memberships

  • Research Associate, Keio University Law School (September 2017‐March 2022)

Publications and Journal Articles


  • “Q&A Guides of Stress Check Test Operation: Practices and Attention Points of Mental Health Measures in workplace” (Co-author, SEIBUNSHA, September 2015)

Journal Articles

  • “Q&A Labor Law at the Time of Emergency and Disaster” (Co-author, Sanrosogokenkyusho, Romujijo 15th November 2016 Issue)
  • “Q&A Measures of Trouble After Stress Check Test Operation” (Co-author, Sanrosogokenkyusho, Romujijo 15th June 2016 Issue)
  • “Q&A Attention Points regarding Labor Management at the Time of Stress Check Operation” (Co-author, Sanrosogokenkyusho, Romujijo 15th June 2015 Issue)
  • “Practice of Documentation Management regarding Personnel and Labor Relations” (Co-author, Sanrosogokenkyusho, Romujijo 1st April 2015 Issue)